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Platinum Sponsors

We are happy to introduce our Platinum Sponsors, who are companies involved in Life Cycle Management, for the organisation of LCM 2023.

Colruyt Group operates in the food and non-food distribution sector in Belgium, France and Luxembourg, with more than 600 own stores and over 580 affiliated stores. In Belgium, this includes Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet, Cru, Dreamland, Dreambaby, Bike Republic and the affiliated Spar stores. In France, in addition to the Colruyt stores, there are also affiliated Coccinelle, Coccimarket and Panier Sympa stores.

The group is majority shareholder of The Fashion Society, which includes the fashion retail chains ZEB, PointCarré, The Fashion Store and ZEB For Stars. JIMS runs fitness clubs in Belgium and Luxembourg. Solucious and Culinoa deliver food service and retail products to professional customers in Belgium (hospitals, SMEs, hospitality sector, etc.).  

The other activities comprise the energy supply by DATS 24 in Belgium (fuels, natural gas and green energy), printing and document management solutions (Symeta Hybrid) and the production of green energy (Eoly).  The group employs over 32.000 co-workers and recorded a EUR 9.9 billion revenue in 2020/21

Involvement in Life Cycle Management

Colruyt Group conducted the first Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) for its wine bottling plant 20 years ago. Since then, the company has made significant steps to mainstream decision making based on sustainability. LCM toolboxes are developed to support the company in this pathway, and the R&D&I department quantifies and validates sustainability efforts.

Decision-making screening LCAs are carried out in-house for alternative packaging, building materials etc. For nearly all R&D&I projects, a full LCA is carried out based on primary data. Whereas the first LCA studies took place at the end of the project to support the project communication (e.g. liquid ice refrigerated containers), the new generation of LCA studies are conducted at the start of projects to support decision making (e.g. vertical farming & aquaculture).

Life cycle thinking was given time to grow within several departments and is now mainstreamed in the organisation. Evolution at the R&D level is also followed up, tested and implemented.

EQIOM (1,500 employees) is a subsidiary of the Irish group CRH, a major player in building materials. EQIOM is active in four areas: the production of cement, aggregates, ready-mix concrete and the treatment and recovery of waste.

Its products and solutions cover all the needs of the construction industry in France: pre-manufacturers, industrialists, specialized companies and traders. Its technical, logistical and commercial teams help you find the most appropriate solutions for your construction sites.

EQIOM offers products that comply with standards and customer requirements. Committed to sustainable development, EQIOM carries out a large number of actions in favor of the environment and proactively supports its teams and places the health and safety of its employees at the heart of its strategy.

Involvement in Life Cycle Management

Concerned about the future and a better balance between resources (natural, human, energy, etc.) EQIOM has defined priorities in terms of sustainable construction.

All EQIOM cement plants have been ISO 14001 certified for 10 years and 90% of the tonnage of aggregates extracted is from quarries that have been awarded level 4 of the UNICEM environmental charter.

Our plants and quarries occupy a significant land area. This is our biggest direct or indirect impact on biodiversity. Quarries, because of their isolation (fenced in and often different from the surrounding environment), can provide a refuge for fauna and flora. Some quarries provide important habitats for many plant and animal species. This aspect is reinforced when management is adapted to local ecological issues. It is up to us to take this into account in our operating methods in order to manage and limit these impacts on local ecosystems.

Strongly committed to sustainable development, EQIOM Granulats has been a member of the Environmental Charter since 2005, an environmental approach developed by UNICEM.

At PRé, we help companies turn sustainability strategy into action, through fact-based consulting services, training and SimaPro software solutions based on life cycle thinking. Organizations reach out to us to measure, improve and communicate their sustainability performance. With our assistance, you will be able to develop effective strategies and integrate sustainability in your supply chain, product development or organization.

SimaPro is our flagship product: life cycle assessment (LCA) software that gives sustainability experts, product designers and decision-makers the power to gain insight into the environmental performance of products and services, to define hotspots and to drive positive change. We are proud that it is among the leading professional LCA software packages – used by industries, consultancies, and research institutes in more than 80 countries.

Involvement in Life Cycle Management

Since PRé was founded in 1990 by Mark Goedkoop, our drive has always been to make sustainability more fact-based. Life cycle thinking is at the heart of our expertise. We built SimaPro, a market leading LCA software trusted globally by industry and academia. We also developed ReCiPe and Eco-Indicator 99: widely recognized and applied environmental assessment methods. We have an active role in many global sustainability initiatives: UN Life Cycle Initiative, European Commission’s Environmental Footprinting (EF) initiative, European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC), InData Initiative, European Committee for Standardization (CEN, where we contributed to ISO standards), Community-Driven Life Cycle Inventory, and more.

Today, many leading companies, researchers and consultants use our methods and tools to make better decisions.

Bronze sponsors

We are happy to introduce our Bronze sponsors.


Owens Corning FOAMGLAS@ offers high-performance insulation solutions for waterproof buildings. Most importantly, FOAMGLAS® insulation is unaffected by the biggest threats to insulation materials: water, vapor and fire. It can bear heavy loads and is suited for insulating any heavy duty surface. From the design and critical detailing to the installation, best-in-class technical service is included in order to give you peace of mind. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is totally free of environmentally harmful flame retardants, blowing agents or carcinogens.

At Owens Corning, everything we do is aimed at meeting the needs of our people, customers and communities we serve, and applying our scientific expertise to uncover new possibilities. From our senior leaders throughout our entire workforce, Owens Corning strives to be a net-positive company in our operations, our products, and the influence we have in our communities. Together we are working to make the world a better place.

Involvement in Life Cycle Management

FOAMGLAS has been using and providing EPD’s already as of 2008 as part of an integrated management of the total life cycle of our goods and services toward a more sustainable production and utilisation. We provide transparent and detailed information via product specific EPD’s, easily available via our website and the relevant platforms. Our experts are contribute to the further enhancement of the frameworks and tools in order to even better reflect the real environmental impact of products and solutions.

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