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LCM 2023 – Posters Awards

Posters Awards

The LCM2023 conference poster awards will be organised. Thanks to “The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment”, two prizes will be given to the best posters according to participants’ votes:

  • Overall Winner: Acknowledging excellence in research.
  • Young Scientist Under 30: Recognising the next generation of scientific brilliance.

You will discover great scientific work on several interesting topics during the Poster Thematic sessions.
Here is the program of the poster thematic session:

How to vote for a poster?

Please refer to the QR codes placed all over the poster area to vote.
By scanning them, you will land on a link with all the posters’ names and authors. Then, select the poster that best fits the price of the best poster.
Please note that you can vote only for ONE poster.