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Call for sessions

Contribute to shaping the content and the focus of the conference!

Session proposal

You are invited to submit a session proposal. Please feel free to suggest your own session in a theme as proposed below,  which are defined by the Organisation Committee, or a theme of your choice.

Submit your proposal

The session proposal should include the theme, the title, a description of max. 1000 characters, max 5 keywords, the preferred session format, the name and affiliation of the chair (referred to as “speaker” in the submission form), and optionally of the co-chair (“co-speaker” in the submission form).

The submitted sessions are subject to review by the Organisation Committee, who may suggest modifications (merging with other sessions, an adaptation of scope or title, etc.). 

Each session will have two co-chairs: one person from the industry and one from academia. The suggestion of a co-chair is optional at this stage and can be finalized during the session review process.

Session co-chairs will be invited to join the Scientific Committee, which is responsible for the review and selection of abstracts. 

If you experience any technical problems during the submission of your session, please contact the LCM organisers by email ( or by phone (+33 9 81 85 76 82).

Key Themes

Key sectors: Retail, Building, (W)EEE, Food, Energy, Mobility, Chemistry, etc.